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Features – L2-Gold



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  1. Getting Started
  2. Managing buff schemes
  3. Get involved with game world
  4. Performing/changing Rebirth
  5. Becoming Noblesse
  6. Adding Sub-class
  7. Achievements
  8. Events
  9. Olympiad
  10. L2-Gold weapons
  11. L2-Gold armors
  12. L2-Gold jewels

Getting Started

After the creation of your character, you will be spawned in the basement of Ivory Tower and you will be welcomed by a short tutorial.

As soon as the tutorial scene ends, you will be asked to submit a 4-digit PIN, for security reasons, as shown below.


After submiting your PIN code, you are ready to start your journey! As you may already found out, you are already buffed and geared up with starting items that are suitable to your selected race.


You can start leveling up, up to 85 level and perform up to 3 rebirths. You should also meet Drogo, he has some important quests for you that will get you busy, while earning awesome rewards.


Managing buff schemes

AIO Buffer Emily took some upgrades. She can now store your favorite buff schemes, and magically support you instantly.


You can create your first scheme by selecting “Manage my schemes”.


Name your scheme, create it and you should now be able to add buffs to it, by selecting “Edit my schemes’ content” and selecting your created scheme name.


Now, you can buff your character, or your pet by selecting “Buff me with my scheme”. Note that you can always use the classic buffing method by selecting “Buff me regularly”.


Get involved with game world

To simplify your gameplay and enhance the communication between players and GM staff, there are a few important features.

By typing alt+B (or B if enter chat is enabled) you will find the “Community Board”.


There you will be able to get information about the gameworld and cary out useful actions instantly, wherever you are.

Neal on the other hand, can help you change things, that seemed to be permanent.


Denise, can inform you about the status of Raid Bosses in the game, when they are spawning and what their drops are.


You are also able to find out about stats/droplist of any monster/NPC in the game by simply hitting shift+left click.


Buck has you covered if you are experiencing an issue, and can’t find any GM online.


Edroc can decrease your PKs if you feel that you are in danger of droping your stuff after getting killed with karma.